Meet the All-New BMW X7

The BMW X models have been held up as the gold standard of luxury SUVs and crossovers across the world and inspire jealousy in parking lots everywhere. Whether it’s the space and versatility of the X5 or the power and agility of the X1, when you sit behind the wheel of a BMW X model you know you’re in for a fun ride. Today, we want to tell you all about the newest and most exciting X model, the 2019 BMW X7. 


What makes the X7 one of the most exciting vehicles on the road today? It starts with the size, the BMW X7 is the biggest BMW ever built, and one of the most roomy, comfortable, and luxurious SUVs in its class. The X7 easily fits seven passengers thanks to standard second-row bench seating. Thanks to two-axle air suspension, driving and handling the car is just as comfortable as being a passenger. But the comfort and luxury options don’t stop there, front row heated seats are standard and come with ventilation and massage options.

The all-new X7 also comes with an array of impressive safety features including Active Protection, Active Driving Assistant Professional, Active Blind Spot Detection and more high tech options to make your drive easier. You also get to take advantage of the latest BMW iDrive 7.0 system including the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant which is voice activated. Simply bring it to life by saying “Hey BMW,” or you can even customize a personal name! With the Parking Assist Package, you’ll be able to park the largest BMW ever with ease and you can utilize a 3D, complete 360 degree surround view cameras.

If you’d like to experience the magic of the BMW X7, there’s no better place to start than right here at Nalley BMW. Continue to browse our website to learn more or give us a call and we’ll fill you in on all the information you need to know!

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