No matter if you’re driving a new or used car, it’s always important to think about the way you’re driving and taking care of your car. It may seem like a hassle every now and then, but trust us, a little effort now is well worth avoiding something awful down the line. 

The good news is there are a few simple things you can do that you may not even be aware of that can have a small but lasting impact on the life of your vehicle. So today we wanted to showcase a couple of top tips and tricks you can try so you can stay on the road longer and safer.

Here are our Top 4 Unkown Car Safety Tips

1. Don’t Push Your Brand New Car too Hard
Yes, you got a new car! But that doesn’t mean you can go full pedal to the metal right off the lot. New engines have new parts that need to be accustomed to their role in your car's. It’s always a good idea to consult with your owners manual for how to drive within your new car’s first 1,000 miles. It may seem too cautious but it may be all the difference your car needs to make it 100,000 miles in one piece.

2. Warm up Your Vehicle Every Now and Then
During those cold Atlanta winter days (all three of them) we know you want to do nothing but stay inside and be cozy. But it’s important not to let your car sit out in the cold for too long. This can cause pipes to freeze and do general harm to your car that will make you one unhappy camper when you try to start it back up. The solution is to simply rev the engine once or twice on those chilly days to break things up.

3. Don't Speed
It may seem like a thrill but did you know excessive speeding is bad for your engine? It forces your engine to work harder by pumping and using way more fuel which forces parts to work at a higher speed than optimal. The ideal cruising speed for both cars and trucks ranges between 50 and 55 mph. Cruising at 60 mph requires about 73 percent MORE horsepower! Save the speed for when you really need it

4. Drive With Lighter Loads
It’s important to always know what your car can handle and what it can’t when it comes to hauling heavy loads. If you don’t know, check your owner’s manual! It’s way better than taking a risk and regretting it for a long time

We hope these tips help, and when you do need service, stop by Nalley BMW and we will do what we can to service your car right!

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