Are you ready for one of the most exciting new vehicle launches of the year? That’s right, today we are talking about the BMW X7! This is a highly anticipated addition to the luxury market that comes after four years of planning and preparation from BMW’s to bring to the states the first ever 3rd row luxury SUV. That means it’s not only BMW’s largest crossover, but also the most luxurious. So we wanted to take some time to answer some of your most pressing questions.

What is under the hood?
The BMW X7 features an 8-speed automatic transmission and a traditional 6-cyliner engine, accompanied by a V-8 and plug in hybrid as options also available. 

What Features Mark the Exterior?
The 2019 BMW X& is all about first impressions and when you see the front end of an X& for the first time, you’ll be sure to get quite the impression. The X7's prominent kidney grill helps make this statement through a bold sense of splendor and authority. You might think a vehicle this massive might miss some of the lighter and more delicate touches that make BMWs so great, but trust us when we tell you this is the best of both worlds.

Is it just as Nice on the Inside? 
A vehicle as innovative as the BMW X7 certainly will spare no expense when it comes to pakcing the interior with features. You can expect panoramic sunroofs combined with panoramic glass roof extending from the windshield to rear. Consumers can also expect a raised driver’s cabin that aids in the ultimate driving visibility and a 12.3-inch instrument cluster that puts the driver in direct control of the vehicle at the driver’s finger tips. You’ve never driven anything like this. 

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